Ask Luna!
"Build a rocket? Okay. I've never built a rocket before, but that sounds like something fun to do." The filly smiles "Do you know how to get started?"

Luna breaks out into a grin and bounds to her hooves, trotting over to a teleport pad that brought them to the Royal Canterlot Laboratories.

"Simple, we just borrow some materials!" 

She fetches a whole load of reinforcements and aluminium and heatproofing and circuitry and uranium and other materials, plonking them down on the floor. “Let’s get started, shall we?”

"Hopefully, good cheese is always the best. Well, maybe it can still pass as one of those smelly blue cheeses. Though I'm guessing the way of making those is somewhat different."

Luna sighs softly and nods, leaning back on her beanbag and looking up at the moon. “I guess. It won’t have quite the same texture though…. If only I could go up and retrieve my moon cheese.” 

She suddenly pauses and stares straight ahead, gears turning in her head.

"Hey. Wanna build a rocket?"

"Well, uhm... How long can you keep cheese in a vaccuum? I mean the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, right? Or does it?"

Luna scrunches her muzzle up a tad.

"Yes, but I had to have some bacteria cultures on it in order to make the cheese. They’ve probably run out of the oxygen bubble that I summoned to keep them alive… Maybe the cheese is still good. Hopefully!"

"Is it true that you have a secret cheese vault on the moon?"

Luna’s eyes go wide as a sudden realisation dawns upon her. 

"Oh dear! I’ve completely forgotten about that stash of moon cheese! I hope it hasn’t gone rotten already…. It shouldn’t have, right? The moon should be cold enough to preserve it…." She winces and falls back onto a beanbag, lamenting the potential loss of the millenium-ripened dairy stash.

Gee, it sure is quiet around here….
Greet greetings thy Princess, I hope you've had the greatest if day, We have not and I hope that yours in otherwise. Sincerely, Prince Mün.

Good evening, Prince Mün! I’ve been having quite a nice day, thank you…. Oh? Would you care to divulge….? I’d be glad to hear you out….

why you are evil dont you love ponyvill and your sister

I’m not evil! I do love Ponyville, and Equestria and a whole, and Tia is dear to me! Why would you think I’m evil? I mean, I know I turned into Nightmare Moon and all, but I’ve changed!

Thanks Luna. *Tommy drinks his favorite tea.* Well do you like that tea I gave you?

Luna smiles and leans back on a beanbag with him, nodding happily as she slurps up the hot tea. “Oh, definitely! It goes with the mooncakes perfectly….”

*Chuckles.* Those Moon cakes are great Luna. How about some tea to help us to calm down these fats?

Luna smiles and nods, deciding to fetch his chrysanthemum tea to help wash down the sweetness of the mooncakes. “Here you go!”

New Blog Ideas ((OOC))

Heya, followers! I’ve been thinking for a bit, and I’ve been feeling lately that this blog might be getting a little bit stale…. So! I was thinking that perhaps you all could fire some ideas at me and perhaps be the inspiration for my next ask blog? It doesn’t have to be really specific, just maybe a launch-pad for an idea to be built upon. Don’t worry, Luna isn’t going anywhere soon!

So, what do you think?